Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I'm Reading This Month: May 2013

I love the new start in a fresh month, especially when it starts with beautiful, sunny weather! You can expect me to be reading and writing on a park bench outside, my pages lit up by the warm sunlight! You may even see me reading my May reads on a patio with a lovely iced coffee or maybe a pint of beer! What? Don't judge me!

I'm starting off the month by reading a great book by a great Canadian author, Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. I'm incredibly excited about the release of MaddAddam and I've made a mission to read the first two of the trilogy (the second being Year of the Flood) before I go out and get the new book! If you see me at the book store on the release date, there's a good change you might hear me squeal a tiny, tiny bit. You can, of course, expect me to have a review posted of the series as soon as I'm finished with it! 

The next three books come from my library haul the other day! I love libraries, but I wish the one closest to me had a bigger selection. Not that it's impossible to find some great things out there, but there's definitely books that are on my To-Be-Read that I'm surprised aren't in that local library. Then again, it also serves as a school library for the local high-school kids, so I guess it's to be expected. 

First up in Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore. I've read several of Moore's books before and although not my favourite author, he has definite consistency and I can fall back on him to lighten up my mood. I'm definitely excited about reading this for several reasons: 
  1. I studied art and this book revolves around Vincent van Gogh. 
  2. Set in Paris, France in the late nineteenth-century. 
  3. My life has been sucking hard lately and I'm looking forward to having a good laugh.
White Teeth is a book I picked up on whim. I've never read any of Zadie Smith's work, but the cover really captured my eye. Do I judge a book by it's cover? Well, I'm an art fiend, so a cover that stands out makes me want to pick it up more. The cover design is by tattoo artist Lynn Akura and it's definitely reflective of that style of work. Reading the summary, a description about different cultures, war, family and love are involved. This novel is apparently a debut novel for Zadie Smith and is described to be big-hearted. So really, what can go wrong?

Last book I have on my list is Water for Elephants. I've never read this book, but I know plenty of people who have. In fact, they had three copies in the library, is a #1 New York Times Bestseller and it's about running away into a circus. This book has potential written all over it. Oh, did I mention that once again, Sara Gruen, the author is Canadian? This book is already getting pretty massive points from me!

As it stands, these are my current TBR but the list never truly ends. With that being said, more books to come, and I'm open to suggestions for a great book to read on my travels to Vegas in a few weeks! Assuming I don't just spend my time boozing and being mesmerized by the bright lights!


  1. Atwood and Smith are two authors I really want to be able to read, but I've tried in the past and I just can't get into their work. Are they authors who tend to kick in after the first 100 pages?

    I love the cover of White Teeth, I'm definitely someone who judges a bad book cover (which I shouldn't really) - I just really like pretty covers.

    1. It might be a preference for writing styles. I don't mind Atwood and I haven't tried Smith. I also read pretty much anything that's in front of me and it's very seldom I don't find a book I can finish.

      I definitely know what you mean about bad book covers. As an art-kid, I love design and visual stimulation -- if I research into it, I'll still pick up a book but books I pick up on whim are usually done so because it's visually captivating.