I am book-reading, caffeine-consuming, writing, artsy Asian-Canadian blogger currently living in Toronto, Ontario. My love for reading began at a young age and was slowed by the fact that my high school in the middle-of-nowhere did not actually have a library, so books in my teenage life were scarce. Fortunately, as an adult, a library card owner and bookstore rat, I've recovered from that unfortunate time in my life.

I enjoy reading a variety of things but I have a knack for leaning towards fiction, fantasy, sci-fi and horror. I do enjoy a spot of non-fiction if the subject matters interests me. My favourite authors have a lot of wit, charm and character to their writing so I enjoy the likes of Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams and Roald Dahl. I enjoy works from Haruki Murakami, Richard Dawkins and Chuck Palahniuk as well!

I don't have a favourite book - I honestly enjoy far too many.

Apart from reading, I also use this blog to write, I enjoy drawing and painting and regularly practice yoga. I love food - a lot.

I created I Live Literary after a failed book blog attempt and came back with a better goal in mind. My goal is to introduce readers of all kinds to great reads. I read for fun (because that's why you read, guys), but I'll also read to find meaning behind metaphor and symbolism and you bet your ass I'll write about it in this blog. We'll discuss, learn and review.

Oh yeah, I'm also a bit sassy. I like to swear and stuff.

i Live Literary:

i - An ode to the internet, to information and to ideas. An ode to Apple to whom I credit to the production of my tools to do art, inform, and communicate.

Live - Breathing, walking, talking, blogging.

Literary - Relating to literature, pertaining to the nature of books and writings, or well-versed in literature. I also used Literary as a play on words from Literally.

Altogether this means that I live a life where literature has influenced my well-being or lifestyle and has even given me a great privilege and education.


If you wish to contact me, please email me at iliveliterary@gmail.com

Twitter: @iLiveLiterary

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