Friday, April 12, 2013

I. Live. Literary.

I read a lot of books.

It's in fact April and I'll probably be finishing my fourth book this month tomorrow and starting on my fifth. I once had a book blog on Tumblr where I reviewed the books I read but came to the conclusion that I wanted something much more than reviews. I wanted to share my literary finds, my fondness for books, my thoughts on the state of our literacy, my favourite book stores, the importance of reading in a generation of technology. Oh and I guess maybe I'll write a short story here and there and possibly post it despite my anxiousness too.

Welcome to I Live Literary. What's this title mean? Why did I name this blog so?

I - As in me, myself and I.

Live - Breathing, walking, talking, blogging.

Literary - Relating to literature, pertaining to the nature of books and writings, or well-versed in literature.

Altogether this means that I live a life where literature has influenced my well-being or lifestyle and has even given me a great privilege and education.

Although this blog is for my own self and benefit to encourage myself to read more, blog more and write more, I hope to gain followers who can look into a book and journey with me. 

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