Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April: What I'm Reading Cont.

This month seems to be a very prolific reading month. Of course, seeing as I'm still in between jobs, I've really spend the bulk of it doing sending cover letters, doing yoga and of couse, reading. Because I really can't do much else when I can't spare the change to do it, obviously.

I posted a few days ago what I had read and what I'm reading this month. Well... as it turns out, I finished all those books and then I went ahead and read Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman, who, if you didn't know, is currently one of my favourite writers. I was introduced to Gaiman's stories, originally through graphic novels but upon a suggestion from my friend, Coles, I ended up picking up both Neverwhere and American Gods and I absolutely loved them. Anansi Boys is a great in so many ways; it's often said that this book is a sequel to American Gods but I'm going to ahead and politely disagree. Although Gaiman takes this world and continues with it, Anansi Boys is it's own story - you honestly don't need to read American Gods to understand the story. However, American Gods makes a great compliment to any questions regarding the fantastical world Gaiman has created; so although you don't have to read it, I really recommend you do because it's so very, very good.

It seems to me that I've read some really amazing books this month and the month isn't even close to being done. Of course seeing as I've read some incredible things, there has to be some books that I'm particularly not sure about.

One of these books is The Night Circus but Erin Morgenstern. I saw this book literally everywhere. I would see it recommended to me on the Kobo application, I would see it displayed in every book store I walked into, I would see it being read on the trains and the list continues. So finally, I caved, I liked the idea of the story. I enjoy a bit of mystification and a story with a circus? The quirkiness of it is quite my cup of tea. So I purchased it for my Kobo (I've been using my Kobo a lot lately since I have many unread stories to bury into and because, as a non-productive member of society at the moment, it's much more affordable for me.) I'm about 15% of the way through the book and I admit that this is a book that I can lift my head up from. A great read you can barely tear me away from and I have to remind myself that I should probably go to the washroom and use the facilities or perhaps make myself a meal. I'm in fact debating whether I should power through the story or not. As of now, all I can think of is the overuse of flowery imagery and how this might have been a better movie than a story. Am I the only one not impressed? Should I continue with it? Is it worth my time?

On top of that, upon first judgement, I flipped through the first few pages of The Magicians and already dislike pretty much all the characters. I watched a few YouTube reviews and some of the readers really enjoyed this book. Reviews seem to be mixed, it seems, as Goodreads members really don't care for The Magicians in the slightest. I have no idea what it is with remarkably intelligent characters always being so damn pretentious but it needs to stop. It's really not likeable at all and I honestly want nothing more than to punch Quentin (the protagonist) in the nose. I don't think this is my book and I think I'm going to unfortunately take the venture back to the library to return it for something more suitable to my liking. Sigh... 

If anyone happens to have any suggestions for anything that I may be interested in for the rest of the month, or even, to begin reading for the next month please leave a comment or email! I know for the next month I'm on the search for a non-fiction read (Escape from Camp 14) and pick up Lullaby by Chuck Pahalniuk as it's been sitting on my shelf being unread. The Great Gatsby is going to be read next month as well, definitely before the new movie comes out and that, I'll make it's own glorious post. Hopefully the next little while will see the death of this "meh" book slump and instead bring me some most amazing things to read.

Fare thee well, Literates!

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